Air-powder polisher

ErgoFinger® comes with a 360 degrees rotating nozzle which enables the aspirator tip to be directed accurately towards the exact zone of the working area. The rotating nozzle prevents the powder jet from hitting directly against the mucosa of the tongue, lip, cheek or the palate, avoiding mucosal stinging and wounds. With ErgoFinger® the air-powder polishing procedure may be carried out economically for the worker and safely for the patient.

Ultrasonic calculus removal

ErgoFinger® makes liquid removal more efficient, improves visibility, and makes an ergonomically correct work posture easier to maintain. The large suction inlet of the nozzle part prevents the spreading of the aerosol cloud containing bacteria and microbes, which is normally generated during the use of the ultrasound device. The reduced risk to get in contact with the harmful microbial load is beneficial for the patients and enhances occupational safety.

Restoration of teeth

ErgoFinger® makes the cooling water removal more efficient, while improving visibility, and making it easier to maintain an ergonomically correct work posture.
When teeth are filled with plastic, dentin and enamel are treated with different pre-treatments, sealants, filling and coating agents. The aerosol generated by these chemical agents is extremely allergenic and detrimental both to the workers and the patients. ErgoFinger® enables the suction tip to be directed more accurately to the working area, which makes it possible to reduce the spreading of the detrimental aerosol into the breathing air, resulting in a healthier working environment.

Setting the liquid topical anesthetics

ErgoFinger® tip’s high directionality permits a teeth to be addressed accurately in order to prevent the excess local anesthetic agent from spreading into saliva and therewith into the patient’s throat. This offers in turn a safer and more convenient patient treatment.

Other applications which benefit from the use of ErgoFinger®

  • Scaling and root planing with hand instruments
  • Intraoral scanning – Helps to keep dry the field to be scanned
  • Plaque and stain removal
  • Tooth coating