Finger attached

As an anatomic and comfortable wearable tool, the revolutionary yet simple aspirator tip permit ergonomic postures which avoid upraised arm, cervical flexion and rotation, torque movement of the wrist, and too tight pinch grip. This is the ultimate solution to minimize physical stress imposed on a dental professional working alone.

360 degrees rotation

The 360 degrees rotating nozzle allows the suction power to be directed accurately towards the working area, making liquid removal more efficient, improving visibility and enabling an ergonomically correct work posture which is easier to maintain all along the day.

Length adjustable

The variable length of the nozzle enables easy, efficient and accurate operations, regardless of the different treatment areas within the oral cavity. When working on the back teeth, for instance, the length can be extended in order to reach the deeper zones, while when working on front teeth, a less far reaching position can be used: in both cases the work effort would remain the same.

Accurate design

ErgoFinger® is made of soft and elastic plastic material. Thanks to the mucosa-friendly design of the ErgoFinger® you can push the lips or mucous membranes out of the working area without damaging the patient’s mucous membranes. The special air vents and cusps prevent the nozzle from remaining attached to the mucous membranes. End result is that liquid removal is more efficient and visibility is greatly improved.
The design of the finger-sheath is pleasant and anatomic, which makes the utilization of this device comfortable for the dental professional.
For the customer satisfaction and safety, sensations during the treatment are of primary importance. Wounds to lips or mucous membranes are to be avoided, but these kinds of incidents are quite probable to happen when traditional HVE aspirator tips are used, as they are basically rigid plastic tubes with sharp tips. The use of a soft ErgoFinger® aspirator tip makes liquid evacuation pleasant and safe for the patient when the risk to injure patients’ mucosa is drastically eliminated.


All the advantages of using a disposable product are present: ready-to-use, safe, hygienic, convenient, with no risk of patient crosscontamination.