About Us


We are Gunilla Taddeo and Marianne Granlund, two Dental Hygienist from Finland with a passion for working as oral health care professional.

Some years ago, we became frustrated in our daily work by the uncomfortable and unergonomic working posture required by the suction tools available in the market for removing fluids from the dental patient’s mouth. We wanted to make our clinical procedures easier and so we imagined a finger-affixed aspirator tip that in the end became the ErgoFinger, a revolutionary wearable tool which is the ultimate solution to minimise physical stress imposed on a dental professional working alone.

ErgoFinger is carefully engineered to facilitate the removal of fluids from the mouth of the patient while enabling better ergonomic posture and easier movements for the musculoskeletal system of the oral health professional. In the product development process, a group of Finnish Dental Hygienists were closely involved in evaluating the product throughout its development. All the prototypes were tested on patients in real dental clinical environments to ensure the product’s high performance as well as the patient friendliness in every situation. Also, a survey conducted by an independent third-party confirmed that the product was right in terms of utility and design.

We truly believe to have developed a deep understanding of the oral professional’s specific needs, thanks to our own experience of the ergonomic limitations and difficulties affecting the performance in oral care while working alone. It is our ambition to respond to that need by creating user-driven products that make it easy, efficient and ergonomic to work while optimizing and facilitating the day-to-day work of oral care professionals working alone.



“Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences with its Oral Hygiene Degree Program recommends that oral health-care professionals use the patient-friendly ErgoFinger® aspirator tip. Especially when working alone, ErgoFinger® makes clinical work easier and improves the ergonomics of fluid removal. The students of the Oral Hygiene Degree Program use ErgoFinger® aspirator tip during their clinical studies at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences”